Pastor and Sister Steven E. Glendenning

Pastor Glendenning was born in Seattle, WA and raised here in the Vancouver area.

He spent brief periods in the state of Maine, where he graduated from school.

Pastor Glendenning's mentor in the ministry was pastor, author, and Bible college instructor,
Paul D. Dugas.

Rev. Dugas had a tremendous impact in the life and ministry of Pastor Glendenning.

He came to the Apostolic Church as a troubled young man. There he experienced a life changing event when he obeyed the plan of salvation as found in Acts 2:38.
It was through this life changing event that he experienced complete deliverance from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

It is Pastor Glendenning's desire to share this life changing experience with everyone he can in the Vancouver area.

He is committed to preaching and teaching freedom from sin and a more abundant life in Christ.     
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